Friday, December 28, 2007

Downtown - Washington state ferries

The piers along Alaska Way are one of the best places to take pictures of the Washington state ferries in winter or summer. For your reference I have included both summer and winter pictures.

Ferry at sunrise

Sunset from pier 62

Winter is a great time to shoot the washington state ferries plying between Seattle and Bainbridge island. You can get some great shots framing the ferries against the majestic Olympic mountains.

The key is to get there on a clear day when there is no rain. Check the weather beforehand and plan your trip. I've always had better luck shooting sunrise rather than sunset. There is also a very good chance of getting some nice alpenglow on the Olympic mountains. Sunrise in the winter is usually around 7.00 am. I would plan to get there about 15 mnts earlier and find some good spots.

One of the best places to shoot the ferries is from around the Ferry terminal in Seattle downtown. The best thing to do is to park around the Ferry terminal on Alaskan way and walk to the various piers around the area. One of my favorites is the pier next to the Argosy cruise counter.

Directions to the ferry terminal

Make sure to dress warmly as it gets pretty cold standing out on the pier for a couple of hours!

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