Sunday, October 14, 2007

Admiralty head lighthouse, Whidbey island

Admiralty bay light house

The Admiralty Head lighthouse is located in Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey island. It's a beautiful little park on the south side of Whidbey island. If you have not been to Whidbey island before I would hightly recommend it - its about an hour and a half drive from Seattle and definitely worth it! Here is more information about the various state parks on Whidbey island

Click here for map and driving directions

There are a couple of ways ways to get to the light house. If you have a day to burn you can drive over Deception pass and drive down south. Otherwise you can take the ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton and get there in an hour. I did the latter and arrived at the park an hour before sunset. There are also a couple of interesting gun turrets around the lighthouse. If you are lucky you can also find a few deer in the meadows around the turrets.

The lighthouse is positioned away from the ocean it becomes a little difficult to do the typical lighthouse sunset shot. I felt that shooting just the lighthouse would not do justice to the whole scene. So I decided to do a panorama of the lighthouse and the sunset colors. I shot about 3 shots and stitched them together.

This is also a great spot to get some sunset pictures of the olympics

Sunset over the Olympic Mountains

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