Friday, December 28, 2007

Mountain loop highway

The scenic Mountain loop highway is one of the most popular routes in WA in summer. In winter it offers some breathtaking panoramic opportunities at sunrise and sunset. You can also see some interesting fall colors if you drive along this loop in fall. The loop opened back up in fall 2007 after a portion of the loop was washed away in floods about four years ago. Here is a overview map of the loop -

Spider web during sunrise

SeattlePI has an article describing the loop in more detail. The last time I drove the loop I didn't get very far. A few miles after taking the exit to highway 530 I found a beautiful barn set against some pines and snow capped mountains at sunrise. When I stopped to take a picture of the barn, I noticed this beautiful ornate spider web glistening in the rising sun.

Before you leave check to make sure that the roads are open - part of the loop gets closed in winter.

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