Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anacortes Ferry Terminal

Cormorants & Mount Baker

Equipment: Canon 20D, Canon 100-400mm

Image details: 400mm, f/9, 1/125sec, ISO 200

Anacortes is a beautiful little town located on Fidalgo island. Most Seattleite's associate Anacortes with the ferry terminal for ferries traveling to and from the Beautiful San Juan islands. The city however has much more to offer - it is a beautiful port city and is probably a weekend destination by itself.

One of my favorite places in Anacortes is the ferry terminal to Friday Harbour. On long weekends the wait at this ferry terminal is about 2-3 hours which provides plenty of time for photography. If you take the last ferry around 9.30 PM you will get a couple of hours of shooting in great evening light!

There are usually plenty of Cormorants on the pier. On a clear day you can frame the Cormorants against Mount Baker. For more pop use a polarizer to darken the sky. The Cormorants S shaped neck is very characteristic of this bird - Make sure you get the neck in the correct position. You can hand hold this or you can use a tripod. I would recommend you use a tripod as you can take your time and wait for the bird to be in the right position without tiring out your hands.

From the ferry waiting line there is a little hiking path that takes you down the beach. The beach beach has a number of abandoned piers which you can use to frame Mount Baker. There are usually gulls on the pier as well which add to your composition.

Directions to the ferry terminal

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