Monday, June 29, 2009

Point Robinson Lighthouse, Maury Island

Point Robinson light house, Maury island

Equipment: Canon 20D, Canon 24-70mm

Image details: 28mm, f/11, 13sec, ISO 100

Point Robinson Lighthouse is a picturesque lighthouse located on Maury island. Maury island contrary to its name is not really an island ,you can drive to it from Vashon island. The lighthouse is located on the eastern tip of the island facing the mainland. For more information about the lighthouse refer to this website.

The best time to shoot at this location is the evening - an hour or so before sunset. Most pictures you see of this lighthouse have the light house composed with Mt Rainier in the background. However on the day I was shooting it was slightly hazy and the mountain was not clearly visible, so it was time to improvise and come up with new compositions. The lighthouse is surrounded by tall grass which you can use for some very interesting compositions. In the last week of May and early June you can also find a good wildflower display around the lighthouse. You can use the wildflowers as framing for the lighthouse.

The easiest way to get to this location is to take the ferry from West Seattle to Vashon island. Its about a 20 minute ferry ride and 20-30 mnts drive from the ferry terminal. If you are at the ferry terminal during sunset you can shoot some very dramatic sunsets, so keep your eye open for interesting foreground.
Directions to lighthouse

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