Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fairholme camp ground, Lake crescent, Olympic peninsula

Sunrise over Lake crescent

Fairholme camp ground is a beautiful camp ground located at the west end of Lake Crescent. The camp is in a beautiful wooded area with tall pine trees. The campground is very popular - so get there early if you want a spot.  The best time to visit this spot is in summer - July & August. It can be pretty wet earlier in the year. For more information about campsites in the Olympic peninsula refer to the following link.

One of my favorite spots for photography here is the beach/pier area of the camp ground. The piers are located immediately behind the Fairholme general store. The general store rents out kayaks that are usually tied up the beach. If you get to this spot early in the morning you can get some beautiful shots of Lake Crescent. You can also use the red kayaks in the foreground to make some very interesting compositions.

Directions to Fairholme camp ground.

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