Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lake hills greenbelt, Bellevue

Lake hills greenbelt, bellevue
Equipment: Canon 20D, Sigma 10-24mm
Image details: 10mm, f/14, 15sec, ISO 100

Lake hills greenbelt is a small wetland area in Bellevue. It includes numerous streams, lakes and trails. The greenbelt also has a small blueberry farm and a seasonal produce stand. For more information about the area refer to this website. There are two places to enter the greenbelt - off 156th or off 148th.

I find the area most interesting in winter especially after a recent snowstorm. Take the time to walk around the entire Larsen lake as there are numerous small nooks and crannies that make for interesting photographs. Early morning is the best time to visit this area. The lake is also very interesting early in the morning when it is shrouded in fog. You can also get some interesting perspective shots of the blueberry farm. Remember to carry your circular polarizer.

Directions to Lake hills greenbelt

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