Friday, January 2, 2009

Lake Union - Center for Wooden boats

The Center for wooden boats is a maritime heritage museum located at the south end of Lake Union. The center fixes old boats and offers a variety of workshops in sailing, boat making etc. You can also rent out wooden boats here. For more information visit their web site at

Center for wooden boats, Lake Union, Seattle WA
Equipment: Canon 20D, Canon 24-70mm, B+W Circular polarizer
Image details: 32mm, f/8.0, 1/640sec, ISO 400
The center is best photographed on sunny days with low wind. In winter there are sometimes interesting cloud formations on the lake. Using these cloud formations as background for your composition can make your photos more interesting. Early morning is the best time to shoot this location - great light and no crowds to contend with. Later in the day a number of folks including dog walkers tend to stroll through this area. Every time somebody walks on the pier - it means no clear reflections for a few minutes.

You can create very interesting compositions with boats and their reflections in the water. A polarizer is a must here - make sure you use it if you shoot reflections in the water. Try different compositions -the way the boats are laid out you can shoot backlit, frontlit and sidelit. Also walk out on the pier and you can get some good shots of the lake using a wide angle lens. Bring your macro lenses as there are great oppurtunites for macro shots.

South lake union park has free two hour parking. You can park there and walk over to the center.

Directions to the Center for Wooden boats

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