Thursday, July 17, 2008

Olympic Sculpture park

"Eagle" at Olympic Sculpture park, Seattle

Equipment: Canon 20D, Canon 24-70L
Image details: f/11, 1/10 sec, 32 mm, ISO 100

Olympic Sculpture park is a trendy little park located on the shores of Elliot bay. The park affords beautiful panoramic views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier. This park also connects to the Myrtle Edwards park on the waterfront. The park boasts of 20 odd sculptures and a beautiful fountain. The various sculptures present a myriad of composition opportunities.

The park can get pretty crowded on weekends so I prefer to go there on the weekdays. The easiest place to find street parking is on Elliot avenue - its about a block or two from the park entrance, so it works great. The park also has a parking garage. Please refer to the Park map for more information. The park has various levels - make sure to walk through the different levels in the park.
Park Map
Directions to the Park
Park information

The shot above is a panorama of the "Eagle" - one of my favorite sculptures in the park. The best time to shoot the eagle is at sunset. A summer evening with lots of clouds in the sky is a great time to shoot. The shot was taken from the other side of Elliot avenue. You will need to walk onto the grass close to the wall to get a good composition of the sculpture.

If you have a wide angle lens you can also compose from right around the base of the "Eagle". If you have more time to spend at the park make sure to walk down to the beach and to Myrtle Edwards park.

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