Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Magnolia bluff

Sunset from Magnolia drive

Equipment: Canon 20D, Canon 100-400mm
Image details: 170mm, f/14, 1/15sec, ISO 100

Magnolia bluff is one of my favorite places to shoot sunset over the Puget Sound. Magnolia has a beautiful view of downtown Seattle to the sound and Puget sound/Olympic mountains to the north. There is a decent chance of getting good sunset shots here even on a cloudy day. In fact I prefer partly cloudy days as the sky is much more interesting. One problem here though is the lack of foreground. There are however a couple of tall trees that can be used as an interesting foreground for sunset.

Directions to lookout on Magnolia drive.
Make sure you arrive here 30 mnts before sunset and walk along the entire trail. Find the foreground that you wish to use for your composition and wait for the sunset :)

You can also stop at Magnolia park on the way here. It is a small but interesting park with tall old growth trees and a pretty view of the Sound.
Directions to Magnolia park

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