Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunset on Alki beach


Alki beach is a great place to take sunset shots in Seattle. The best time to shoot is usually around 8.45 - 9.00pm in summer. Traffic can be pretty heavy at this time of the day in summer on Harbor avenue...prepare to drive around for 15-20 mnts before you will get a spot.

Directions to Alki Beach

The Olympic mountains at sunset make a great background. But for a good picture we still need a foreground : ) For this picture I chose to use the Washington state ferry. There is usually one every 10-15 mnts. If you would not like to leave that to chance here is a link to the ferry schedule
Ferry Schedule

I decided to do a panorama to capture the essence and grandeur of the whole scene. The tricky issue is that the ferry is not static. Contrary to popular opinion the ferry is rather fast. It's important to have a faster shutter speed to freeze the ferry. I started off earlier in the evening using a polarizer and Neutral density filters..but as the evening wore on I got rid of both of them.

There are also opportunities to use a wide angle on the coast. I have not yet tried this and if anybody has some good spots that they can point out it would be great!

Alki sunset

Equipment used: Canon 20D, Canon 75-300mm, Tripod, Cokin Neutral density filter.

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