Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mount Rainier over Lake Washington

Sunset in seattle
This is one of my favorite views in Seattle. I have been here a few times and will probably go back there for more :)

The pictures are taken from Madrona Park in Seattle. You can shoot this picture from any spot on the shoreline of the park. Immediately after you pass this park on your left on Lake Washington Blvd there is a parking lot. I usually like to go there...there are less people and it is easy to find parking.

Directions to Madrona Park

The best time for this shot is 15-30 mnts before sunset in summer. So theoretically you could shoot this shot and hustle over to the west side to shoot another practice I've never been able to do this :)

It wasn't the fiery red sunset I was hoping for...but oh well. You have to remember to have a fast enough shutter speed so that you can freeze the boats that are in the foreground. Also if you put on the polarizer remember to remove it towards can always use one or more f stops when the boats are moving around. The best foreground is probably a red/blue colored boat..but I haven't got that lucky yet. Ideas anyone?


Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.

Ray said...

This summer I did a driving tour in washington and drove up to Mount Rainier. See photos here: Great landscapes to shoot in the area.